Monday, April 11, 2011


Maybe it's just their imagination, or may be this is real.
Maybe it's one more hidden fact that needed to be revealed.
They could hear voices the other day.
Voices that were telling the people leaving to stay.
This place needed them, they claimed.
They said that despite the major changes in this town, but it is still the same.
Don't leave this city, please.
You will miss the smell of the summer breeze.
And the city needs people to be a living place.
To be the hometown of that to-be well-known face.
That face who will win awards and prizes,
as he finds out that this place is filled with surprises.
Surprises you will never forget,
and events you could never expect.

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  1. Nice, nice, nice. I love poetry like this - it's simple yet complex, it rhymes and flows really well. Truly lovely - great job!