Monday, August 30, 2010


Scene One
I walk towards the station. Correction, I run towards the station. I am late. I check my watch. Yes, I am late. I am going to miss the train probably. Oh no, it is my only chance to get out of here. I don't like the place here. I need to change my location, find another life; a better life. I have been asleep for far too long, or maybe I have been just fooling myself. This train was my only chance to leave here. I asked the other day and I learnt it is the last train. The station is going to be “under construction” for a long time and other methods of transportation in this town is bad.
I reach the station. I look around. The train catches my eye. I recognize it for I saw it before, the day I bought the ticket; the one way ticket. People are getting on the train. I check my watch. Only 30 seconds till the train leaves. 30 seconds to cross 100 meters. 28 seconds now. It is now or never.
I grab my bag tight and I run as fast as I can, brain frozen, heart beating twice as normal. It is as if I am trying to fly to reach the train in no time.
I jump inside it and fall hard on the floor. My shoulders are almost dislocated from the improper movement, but they aren’t.
I made it. I am inside the train.

Scene Two
I am seated now in the train. Calming down after my rush. I can feel my heart still pounding twice as normal.
I close my eyes, trying to get to my happy place, I learnt to do so in some “anger management” book. I am not angry, at all. I am just stressed or nervous or worried, whatever, but not angry.
I watch the travelers closely. I have a hobby of watching people, like my favorite show.
The train seems to keep going and going forever. It stops every now and then, though. I see people getting on the train and others leaving.
Where am I going? What is the name of my station? If only I had a clue.
Should I pick some station randomly? Should I stay on this train? I am not sure what to do.
Oh, train of life, where are you taking me?
Is there a map, so I can guess my destiny?
Then, I make up my mind. I hear the noise of the train. I focus on the noise. I take a deep breath and get up. This is my station, I decide.

Scene Three
I get off the train. I leave the station and look around. 
This is my destination. This is my new home. This is where I begin my new life.
I start to walk.

Photo credits go to Flickr


  1. Very interesting! I like the variety of sentence structure that's going on in this piece. I like freewrite, it's unrestricted and very, well, free-flowing. xD

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! :)