Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fear VS Bravery (Alyson)

Alyson looked out the window and watched her fear leave. 
She had been honest & wearing her heart on her sleeve.
She didn’t want to be afraid anymore,
so she kicked fear out of her door.
So what if I am not just like everyone else?
so what if I am a mess?
I’m going to live my life the way I want.
I’m going to mute the voice that says “don’t”
Nothing is going to hold me down today.
It’s not going to help anyway.
Alyson, I admire your bravery
but don’t be too brave.
I won’t be able to help you,
when it’s too late to be saved.
Alyson didn’t listen.
She was too excited.
She was so emotional
and she couldn’t hide it.
It seemed to me that she was like
an angry/excited warrior,
that was crazy enough to try to battle a dragon,
thinking he was superior.
Alyson fell down.
Her head hit the ground.
She was injured & bleeding.
Her eyes were painted with regret.
She knew that emotions made her forget
that she was only a human being.
Alyson, get well soon.
You will be okay.
But don’t forget the truth;
you are only human and you will remain this way.

Being brave is good, but it doesn’t mean being crazy. 
Cautious is better than daring.
Don’t be afraid to try & don’t be fearless. Choose wisely your fears.
Don’t let emotions; love, hate, anger, pain,...etc, drive your decisions, or you will truly regret it.

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