Thursday, February 3, 2011


Finding my way back home was never easy. I was lost in the woods for hours. With disappointment and fear taking over me, I lost hope of seeing my family and friends ever again.

It was a lovely day; sunny, cool air, summer breeze. I just loved it. I wanted to go out and just enjoy the beautiful weather. I put my little iPod on shuffle and just ran on the lovely beach of California. I kept running and running and the sound of music was just loud. I couldn't hear the sound of the laughing children and the loud families anymore. I was distracted by the little boy who tripped on the sand and the sound of my favourite song that I bumped into a tree. Where did it come from? I couldn't imagine how it got here, or how I got there. I searched around hour after hour, but all I could see is trees. It seemed like a never-ending dream, a never-ending nightmare, to be accurate.

I'm not sure how I got back. All I remember is how I freaked out and kept saying inside my own head:

I love my home. I want to go home. I appreciate everything in my life; good and bad. It's perfect.

In front of me, I saw footsteps. I never noticed them before. I followed them. And suddenly, I was back to the beach.

Photo source: Flickr

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  1. Love your writing. It's simplistic in language, yet the meaning is deep and complex.