Sunday, February 20, 2011

Millie's inner voice

Scene One
Millie, that’s enough.
Millie sighed and stopped typing on her computer. She had been working on her assignment for hours and she felt so exhausted. She had been a hard working student ever since she was a little kid.
The reason why she had been working hard on this particular assignment was its importance. If she did well in it, she would be able to travel abroad and be successful. This was something she had often dreamed of. To arrive in a far off place, where she meets new people to appreciate her rarely-appreciated hard work. A place, where she finds her long-lost victory. The crowd would cheer as soon as she arrives, as if she is the one who is going to set them all free from their prison-like lives. And her always-loud disappointing inner voice would be silenced.
Millie, get back to earth!!!
“I will be there soon, just so you know,” she said out loud in response to her inner voice.
Scene Two
Millie arrived at the airport after an uncertain journey with many pumps in the road. She almost lost hope influenced by her always-talking inner voice. However, just when she was about to give up, she found little white lights that guided her to the airport.
It was time to leave.
“Finally,” she said and their was no response from her inner voice.
Scene Three
Years later, Millie had been working for big companies ever since she set foot on the foreign country. Millie’s dream job had become hers. Her voice was constantly heard by thousands of people after she proved herself. She never looked back.
What she wanted happened. She was living the dream.
And surprise, her criticizing inner voice had been muted by her for a long time.

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