Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magic Wand


I need a magic wand
to fix my broken life.
I would hold it in my hand
all the time to make things right.

My life would be a fairytale,
happy endings AND happy beginnings.
I would be super happy,
and the world would keep on spinning.

When things go wrong,
I would say the magic words.
I would redo things.
I would change the world.

Just give me the magic wand
and I will fix my life.

Photo source: Flickr


  1. Nothing up my sleeve... PRESTO!

    If you need a want, you should go to Alevander's - there's no place better!

    Nice One Shot!

  2. It would be nice is such a magic wand could be found. As it is, we'll have to rely on love and friendship. Nice poem.

  3. i wonder if we all had magic wands what the world would really be like...or we...nice one shot!

  4. Know the feeling of wanting to say Presto and fix a broken life.... perhaps magic stems from courage. Excellent One Shot!

  5. Awh what a great theme. Now wouldn't that be great to have one. :O)