Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enough with the words *updated nov 19th*

Enough with the words.
They hurt so bad.
They make me doubt myself
and everything I have.
This is an issue,
that must be taken seriously.
We all have our fears.
We all have our insecurities.
Stop making fun of me;
it's not even fun.
You're going to regret this
long after I'm gone.
So let's put an end to this.
Let's stop gossip.
We will live in a happy place.
You know we all want it.

*update nov 19th*
Note about this poem:

Just to clear things up: even though I speak in the 'I' person and use the words "me" & "myself", I'm not talking about myself here. I showed this to some people and they were like "what did we say to hurt you?". I am not complaining about how I am treated, or whatever.

This is why I wrote the quote entitled "we are not the poem" at the bottom of my blog. When a poet write a poem, it is not necessarily about what he feels. It could be about a thought he had about a moment he never had. It could be about someone who couldn't speak for themselves.

The reason why I wrote this poem is because it is something that happens in all times and places; people criticizing each other, laughing at each other and consequently hurting each other. People never know how much it hurts until it happens to them. We hear stories everyday about depression and fights, and I think that all that is not worth it. We are different people. We have similarities, but we are our own personalities. We should try to accept each other the way you are.

“The best way is just be nice to people. The most important commandment is treat others as you would want others to treat you.” - Rob Cronin

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