Friday, November 19, 2010

Remember to forget

Keep remembering to forget
what you have gone through.
Keep remembering to ignore
what you know is true.

Keep walking ahead,
with your eyes closed.
Keep insisting to live your life,
totally unopposed.

Keep denying facts,
you see, you hear, you read.
Keep waiting for the bitter
to magically turn into sweet.

Keep hurting.
Keep crying,
expecting the whole world to care
and you'll never get anywhere.

Let your life turn into a mess
and you will never taste success.


  1. Loved the first two stanzas and then the others didn't follow the rhythm?

  2. Sometimes I don't stick to the rhythm. But still, "read" rhymes with "sweet", "care" with "anywhere" and "mess" with "success" :) thanks for commenting!

  3. That last stanza is something I prove day in and day out. Nicely written!