Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Savannah stared out at the shiny moon of September with wet eyes. She looked down at the forest from the prison window. Tears streamed down her eyes while she focused her eyes on the dark slightly-cloudy sky. She closed her eyes as her life sections went by like a photo slideshow. It was all in her mind, perfectly, as if they were just the previous day. They said time healed everything, but not for Savannah. As time passes by, her pain grows bigger and bigger. It was like digging a hole and making it deeper and deeper until it swallows everything that could ever exist. They said details were always forgotten, but not for Savannah they were pinned to every corner of her brain. She could relive every moment anytime anywhere. It may seem good, but the feelings are re-felt and the stories are re-heard. Savannah wished every single day she could forget, but how could she? She was the daughter of Victor Lewis Ledgers. 
If only you knew Victor Lewis Ledgers. At his time, no one didn’t. He was the reason why parents couldn’t sleep at night and got them to check on their kids seventeen times an hour. It was him who tortured their hearts at any chance he could and any chance he couldn’t. He was the reason why children had the creepiest nightmares and grown-ups quitting their dearest jobs. 
Ledgers was the most evil person in the universe. He had mastered torturing living creatures and shattering hearts into a million pieces and taking every single piece of those and torturing it.
Savannah let go of a short loud scream. As she expected, it didn’t make her feel any better. Nothing could make her feel any better. She was doomed, she believed. She did this to herself, she thought. She was trying to be everything her father wasn’t expecting. She challenged him in every way she thought of. She never wanted to be predictable. 
But one day, Ledgers was on a mission. He needed an assistant so badly. Savannah was thrilled that she was shaking, but when her father said the striking words “you can’t”, Savannah was shattered, broken, hit from all directions. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to feel. She remembered every single moment her father didn’t believe in what she was sure she could do. She knew it was a now-or-never decision for her to be part of that mission. She knew she had to think more than twice about participating, for the mission was evil, non humanistic. Savannah had always been caught between the devil and angel inside of her. She had always been the kind of girl struggling between right and wrong. However, she knew this time was different; her father was supposed to complete his mission and leave for a long period of time. She would be living with the burning fire in her heart for more that she could bear. She was on it. She had to be, to prove to herself and most importantly to her father that she was something. 
Savannah knew she couldn’t spend too much time in thoughts. The mission was about to start in less than what she could prepare for.
Savannah shuddered as she remembered for what was going to happen next was more than her soul could stand.
The image is: the evil plan succeeds. Savannah is happy. Her father is close from being happy and almost proud. People hate them both. 
Yes it was everything she had been expecting and the feeling of triumph within Savannah was temporary and that was the end.
The scene is: Savannah wakes up and she is sitting within her cubicle in the office of communication services. 
The nightmare was real, but the prison, the forest and the evil father weren’t. They were all part of the virtual world of her mind. Her father was mean and partly evil, but not evil as in the manga comic books that her little brother bought all the time. Her father was the founder of  some “communication services” company and had sort of used people to succeed in this connection. Savannah was one of his two assistants. She considered herself and the other assistant evil for helping him. Savannah lived every moment of every day in torture. Would it ever stop; in real life or in the box of virtual world inside her head?!

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