Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to deal with forks in the road?

You are driving down the highway,
but you see two roads. 
Which one is to be taken? You may ask.
Leftie or rightie?
Tough call.
Which should you choose?

A voice says: I wanna go right, but it seems risky.
Another voice says: The left one seems safe, but long and boring,
 and I don't think I even want to try it. It's not what I want. But maybe it is more practical, less risky.

Which one should you take?
Depending on the situation.
Depending on your needs.
Depending on YOU

Maybe you are adventurous, daring, always trying something different.
You don't care about your loss. The experience is just enough for you.
i.e. You like to take risks.

And maybe you are smart, always having a plan.
If something doesn't work, you always have a back-up plan.
You don't like losing.
What is on your mind with every decision you make: win.win.win.
You love being in control of whatever situation you are in.
i.e. You like to win.

When making decisions, there is no RIGHT decision and WRONG decision. There are different places, different time, different people, different methods AND different results. 
YOU are the one who decides what is RIGHT for YOU.

P.S. If things don't seem right at the beginning of the road, you can switch to the other one,
but don't wait until it's too late!

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